Minimal Pairs

minimal pairs

Minimal pairs are words that differ by only 1 phoneme (sip dip).​ It is a quick way of helping your child break the habit of substituting 1 sound for another sound.​ The goal of using minimal pairs is to help your child understand how they say the word determines the meaning.  ​ Ask your speech therapist for minimal pair resources!​ -Shelley Zepp,SLP

Indoor Sensory Play

We are all waiting for the sunshine and warmer days ahead to give our kids the benefits of playing outside. Until then, you may be wondering how to fill the time indoors on weekends or between school and bedtime. Let’s look at some options to help give kids the sensory experiences they crave without having […]

Getting My COVID-19 Vaccine!

kids playing outside

We created this social story to help families who have chosen to have their child vaccinated.  This is not intended to imply what choice a family should or should not make for their child.  As always, we encourage you to talk with your child’s pediatrician about what is right for them.  If the vaccine is […]

Sensory strategies for Halloween & Beyond:

sensory strategies halloween

‘Tis the season for Fall festivals, class parties, fun costumes and trick or treating with friends and family! The air is filled with excited chatter and yummy smells. Streets are lined with lights, pumpkins, and friendly or spooky sights! It is a fun time of year for families, but the Fall/Halloween season can also bring its fair share of hurdles: […]

Tips for Back-to-School Transition

back to school

Preparing children to return to school after a fun-filled summer is not always an easy task. The transition back to school can be really tough on kids and their families. For many kids this year, returning to school will mean going back for the first time since the pandemic began. Beginning a new school year […]

Tips for ADHD in the virtual Classroom

Children with ADHD often benefit from the structure that in-person school provides. Many children will likely continue to have online classes well into 2021.  Children with ADHD will need additional support to thrive in the virtual classroom. The following is a list of ideas to help your ADHD child to cope with online learning: Create […]