How to keep the Holidays Happy

The holidays are a time of great joy, beauty, and excitement. The holidays can also be a time of increased stress, anxiety, and being generally overwhelmed. This is true for all of us, but especially for our kids who have difficulty with sensory processing. Here are some tips to help not only survive the holiday […]

What is Orton-Gillingham reading therapy?

Ashley Hopkins, who was recently trained in Orton-Gillingham, explains how this multi-sensory approach to reading fits into her Speech Therapy sessions.  We are proud to offer this service in our Chelsea and Birmingham locations. Reading has always been a passion of mine. I love children’s books and try to incorporate them into my speech therapy […]

Halloween Tips for Children with Sensory Processing Challenges

General Information Halloween can be very overwhelming for children with sensory processing challenges With special planning for your child’s needs and preferences, Halloween can be enjoyable. Remember to encourage your child to use previously established self-regulating strategies. Adults can remind the child to use deep breathing, deep pressure, and similar strategies to remain optimally regulated. […]

Where has the summer gone?!

Here at Child’sPlay Therapy Center, we’re already getting ready for Fall and school schedules. As the summer winds down, and you enjoy these last few weeks of freedom and togetherness, please consider some of these tips for language-packed, summer fun. Play outside- get active with your kids. Get them up earlier to start getting back […]

Dear Moms

Dear Mama, If there is one thing I want all my client’s mamas to know it’s this: Take Care of Yourself. One the best gifts you can give your child is the gift of a healthy mother – mentally, emotionally, and physically. Everywhere we turn there’s someone or something there to tell us all the […]

April is OT Month!!!

An occupational therapist works with people of all ages. The delivery of OT services varies based on the age and needs of the client. The term “occupational” refers to “the job of living”.  An occupation for a child could be playing, drawing and self- help skills. The occupation for an adult might be caring for […]