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OT Month April 2014

An occupational therapist works with people of all ages. The delivery of OT services varies based on the age and needs of the client. The term “occupational” refers to “the job of living”.  An occupation for a child could be playing, drawing and self- help skills. The occupation for an adult might be caring for […]


Picky Eater vs. Problem Feeders

Lots of kids are picky eaters.  They may not eat their vegetables, or they may prefer only a few of the same kinds of foods.  Children may even turn this into an uncomfortable power struggle at mealtime. Some kids, however, can have a more difficult time with more extensive symptoms.  They may have difficulty with […]


Sensory Processing Disorders: Tips for the “Out of Sync” Child

Many children with sensory processing issues can become frustrated and overwhelmed in environments that are over stimulating.  Over stimulating environments may include the grocery store, classroom environment, or crowded areas.  For many children, additional proprioceptive input is helpful in calming the child and helping the child to feel more grounded within their body. Proprioception refers […]


Child’s “Play” : What You Need to Know

“Play” is a child’s work.  Development of play skills is an essential component of early child development.  Play acts as a window which allows us to examine all aspects of a child’s development including their physical, cognitive, speech and language and social-emotional functioning.  It is through play that children learn about objects, people and the […]


Buttoning Skills

Occupational Therapist discusses tips and tricks for helping your child learn to button buttons while building finger strength and coordination.


ChildsPlay Therapy Center – Who We Are

When a parent has concerns about their child’s development, behavior, or academic progress, they often don’t know where to turn. Child’sPlay Therapy Center, conveniently located in Hoover, provides a variety of therapeutic and academic services to children age birth through teens, who may be struggling in a variety of areas.  At Child’sPlay, you will find […]