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No Screen November – Week 3

Congratulations on making it to week 3 of the challenge! This week’s challenge is to reduce your family’s screen time on week nights.  Look at your screen time tracker and pick an amount of time you’d like to reduce screen time during the week.  If you have kids, try to reduce to screen time for […]


No Screen November – Week 2

Hi Everyone! If you are like me, the first week of tracking your screen time came with some reality shocks. Take a deep breath; it’s going to be fine. This week’s challenge is to pick two times that you intentionally do not have screens. For example: time in the car, meal time, eating out, during a child’s sporting […]


Dear Moms

            Dear Mama, If there is one thing I want all my client’s mamas to know it’s this: Take Care of Yourself. One the best gifts you can give your child is the gift of a healthy mother – mentally, emotionally, and physically. Everywhere we turn there’s someone or something […]


Core Strength, Why it is Important for Your Child

Core strength is the development of the torso muscles that stabilize, align, and move the trunk of the body. Poor core strength can cause poor posture which can also affect gross motor and fine motor skills. Building strong core strength is like building a strong foundation for your child. Core strength development starts as an infant. […]


Child’s “Play” : What You Need to Know

“Play” is a child’s work.  Development of play skills is an essential component of early child development.  Play acts as a window which allows us to examine all aspects of a child’s development including their physical, cognitive, speech and language and social-emotional functioning.  It is through play that children learn about objects, people and the […]


ChildsPlay Therapy Center – Who We Are

When a parent has concerns about their child’s development, behavior, or academic progress, they often don’t know where to turn. Child’sPlay Therapy Center, conveniently located in Hoover, provides a variety of therapeutic and academic services to children age birth through teens, who may be struggling in a variety of areas.  At Child’sPlay, you will find […]