Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without TearsHandwriting instruction has become rare in our schools, yet 1st and 2nd grade children still spend about 70% of their day with a pencil in their hands. Children are being asked to produce written material without giving them the tools and the no-how, and then we are shocked when the writing is illegible!

In addition, we are putting pencils in the hands of very young children who are not developmentally ready for this task. Handwriting Without Tears is a developmentally based, multi-sensory handwriting curriculum that will give children the skills they need to be successful in school and in life!  Child-friendly activities, music, and hands-on learning make Handwriting Without Tears the top choice of occupational therapists and parents!

At Child’sPlay Therapy Center, all of our occupational therapists have training in the HWT method. Our owner, occupational therapist Kerri Bailey, is a national presenter/trainer for Handwriting Without Tears with extensive experience and knowledge in handwriting instruction. She is available to personally mentor and give feedback to all of the OTs on our staff.

The Handwriting Without Tears program is fantastic.  Our son looks forward to seeing is Occupational Therapist every week! I would highly recommend Child’sPlay to anyone.


My oldest son started with handwriting/Occupational Therapy. The “Handwriting Without Tears” program was a perfect fit for him! There really were no tears! We went back a few years later to help master cursive writing. Again, the program was excellent and my son did very well.