Occupations are life activities that individuals engage in, anything that is meaningful and purposeful to someone. Sleep, activities related to obtaining restorative rest and sleep to support healthy, active engagement in other occupations, is crucial throughout one’s lifespan. Sleep particularly comes to mind when you think of infants and new mommas!

The American Academy of Pediatrics outlines very clear safe sleep guidelines that are of utmost importance to adhere to. Something that the guidelines don’t help with though, are how to decipher marketing messages to ensure you are indeed using safe sleep products for your little one. It can be confusing, especially when products say they are for overnight sleep and naps. You’ve seen the claims: “Babies can soothe and snooze in comfort while the inclined sleeper gently rocks on its own all night long!”

The Consumer Product Safety Commission outlines very strict standards for sleep products. When buying new baby equipment, look for flat, firm sleep surfaces that are specifically named/ described as “cribs,” “bassinets,” or “play yards.” If you stick to these three types of products, you know you are heading in the right direction. Happy sleeping!!



– Laura Schertz OTR/L, Huntsville