Here at Child’sPlay Therapy Center, we’re already getting ready for Fall and school schedules.

As the summer winds down, and you enjoy these last few weeks of freedom and togetherness, please consider some of these tips for language-packed, summer fun.

  • Play outside- get active with your kids. Get them up earlier to start getting back in the school routine and get out before it’s too hot. You’ll all feel better, and afternoon naps are awesome!  J
  • Turn off the electronics for most of the day. This includes all screens! Let those developing brains take a break from electronic input.  Give your grown-up brain a break too! Research shows we sleep better if we turn off the devices at least an hour before bed time. Minimize any lights from devices in your bedroom too.
  • Play imagination games with your child. Make up stories, build with Lego’s, create something new, dress up and be characters in your own stories.
  • Talk and listen- take your little buddy with you during the day if possible and talk about everything you do.  Listen to his or her questions and comments and create opportunities to learn. For example, go to the grocery store and talk about all the yummy fruits and vegetables you see. Describe their shapes, colors, and how they grow.  Choose a couple of new ones to purchase and try.  Go to the library and get some books about farming or how our food grows. Then, maybe make a trip to a local farm and pick blueberries. And finally, cook up something together with all that natural goodness and share the final product with the rest of the family, or friends/neighbors.  You may be surprised by how interested and excited your child will be to share this whole process with you.
  • Go outside at night time and catch fire flies or just look at the stars. If this sparks an interest, go find some books at the library to read together.
  • Go on an adventure day. Let your child plan it with you. It can be simple and inexpensive! Maybe pack a picnic together, go fishing, wade in a creek, paddle a canoe at the park, go for a walk in the woods, watch the sunset, stay up late and play flashlight tag with the neighborhood kids!
  • Relax and enjoy your time together. Childhood is fleeting, and summer is sweet. Have Fun!