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Child’sPlay Therapy Center in Birmingham

ChildsPlay Therapy Center

Our Administrative Staff

Take a moment to learn about all of the wonderful people who work behind the scenes here at Child’sPlay Therapy Center in Birmingham! Without their dedication and support we would surely fall short of our mission to help your child thrive.

ChildsPlay Therapy Center

Our Therapists

Get acquainted with the friendly faces of our Birmingham therapists! These gifted clinicians all share something in common, which is a passion for helping children. All our therapists are trained and experienced in various areas of pediatric therapy.

physical therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy helps kids improve strength, motor function, balance, and coordination. Developmental delays may be inhibiting your child from performing age-appropriate activities. Our pediatric physical therapists help children reach gross-motor developmental milestones with activities centered around their individual needs.

speech therapy

Speech Therapy

Pediatric speech and language pathologists evaluate, promote, and treat communication challenges, both receptive and expressive. Our speech therapists are trained in treating children with delays in both language and articulation and promote their highest level of communication.

occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is designed to help children overcome barriers that affect their emotional, social, and physical needs. Our Birmingham pediatric occupational therapists are rigorously trained to help children become more independent in an uplifting and meaningful environment.



Our pediatric therapists specialize in working with children who are experiencing depression, anxiety, behavior disorder, or any other mental health issues. Through an individualized and therapeutic environment, we provide a safe space to help work with children.

ChildsPlay Therapy Center

Lactation and Infant Feeding

Our feeding therapists specialize in a holistic understanding of your baby’s sensory and motor skills, co-regulation, ideal positioning, and the structure and functions of the mouth that are vital to a successful infant feeding journey.

What Parents Are Saying

Emily is the best. My son loves her!!
Eboni Jackson
Eboni J.
Very thankful for my child receiving services with Mrs. Shelley Zepp. Mrs. Shelley is attentive to the needs of my child and ensures the progression and awareness of certain words/situations. We are grateful for Mrs. Shelley!
Emmanuel J. Watkins (ekwson)
Emmanuel J. Watkins (.
Anne Maddox is amazing!
Brianna Whalen
Brianna W.
We love coming to child’s play! We have learned so much and our therapist Elinor is excellent!
Anna Slay
Anna S.
My brother has loved coming to the summer social camp with Caroline.
Max McCorkle
Max M.
Our son has had a lot of OT therapy in his 11 years and Morgan Berndt is one of the best we have had!
Kirsten McCorkle
Kirsten M.
Ms Andrea Reed is EXCELLENT. She provides strategies and tips to better handle our impulses! We love her!
Lizmarie Aviles
Lizmarie A.
Our therapist Elinor Anthony has infinite patience and joy. She is so very well-suited to help children with their speech.
Expo Kid
Expo K.
We’ve only been 3 times so far, but each time the staff has been warm, friendly and helpful! My sons therapist Mary McKinney is always so engaging and professional! Gives me hope for the first time that we’ll finally see improvement with his... behaviors!read more
Elizabeth Vickery
Elizabeth V.
Caroline (OT) has made our lives so much better and joyful in so many ways. She has helped my child recognize his big emotions and given him the tools to deal with them. We love our time with her each week!
Liz Trucks
Liz T.
We love Child’s Play! Everyone is so welcoming and helpful. Emily is our therapist and our daughter loves her and is learning so much. We love going to therapy every week!
Lisa Mitchell
Lisa M.
Caroline Caldwell in OT is fantastic!
Jennifer Harrison
Jennifer H.
Take my brother here every Thursday. Denise is an absolute saint.
Stephen Brown
Stephen B.
Denise is awesome! She has helped my son tremendously since coming to OT. She cares and is very patient. My son loves coming to Child’s Play and does not like to miss an appointment. I am very grateful for the impact that Denise has had on my child.
Tiffany Thomas
Tiffany T.
Ms. Danielle is such a sweet and helpful receptionist! Her kindness goes a long way when a person has had a long and stressful day. Thank you, Ms. Danielle!
Lwilson 0212
Lwilson 0.
We have been super impressed with all the staff Child's Play. My son looks forward to his time with Jessica Varnadore and his OT each week. He has made a lot of progress. The new building and location are top notch.
Rachel Moorehead
Rachel M.
My 5 yr old sees Denise Dixon for Occupational Therapy and Elinor Anthony for Speech. His behavior, communication and confidence has improved so much! We are so grateful for your help! Can’t thank you enough🥰
Alexa Banks
Alexa B.
Jenny at the front desk is incredible. She makes our experience positive every single time we are at Child’s Play. We are so thankful for her!
Brooke Oliver
Brooke O.
We love working with Brantley P. (and Cindy Nicholson), Andrea and Michaella! Our son has come a long way in his speech and communication after many ear infections and tubes as a little tone. Their strategies have also helped us in our journey as... parents and in supporting L’s school experiences. We’re so thankful for all the practice and support from Child’s Play!read more
Abigail Brock
Abigail B.
Mrs. Shelley has been working with me & my son for a while now & we couldn’t ask for anyone better. My son has progressed so much throughout our speech therapy journey and it shows she wants the best for every child she works with. We couldn’t be... more thankful for her, her shadow, and the office more
Amber Swartz
Amber S.
I cannot recommend this place enough. The staff are so caring and kind. The difference and progress my son has made in a year is remarkable. Caroline F. is amazing!
Allyson Schatzer
Allyson S.
Caroline Favrot is the absolute best and my son adores her. The entire team is amazing and very caring. They go above and beyond to accommodate our schedules and make us feel welcomed. Highly recommend them! ♥️
Jessica Shawler
Jessica S.
My daughter and I love it, my friend and her daughter and niece love it here too. We highly recommend Mrs. Danielle R. ❤ She has been phenomenal.
Rena Taylor
Rena T.
I can't say enough good things about Child's Play in Hoover! Our daughter started seeing Ms. Shelley for speech almost 1.5 years ago. We have since started seeing Ms. Kimberly as well. Both Shelley and Kimberly have been absolute angels and have... helped our daughter SO much! We are so very thankful for all of the hard work they have put into helping our family. I'd also like to praise the office staff as they have always been the sweetest and kindest every time I have had to reach out to them, which has been a lot!read more
Tiffany Miller
Tiffany M.
We love Child’s Play and the difference they make for our family. Caroline Favrot (OT) and Danielle Russo (therapist) are angels on earth!!! I so appreciate the way they both listen to my concerns, invite feedback, engage my son, and go above and... beyond to provide assistance in many areas. The office staff have been fantastic with scheduling and billing questions. We’ve been with this practice for 4 1/2 years and I am and so very thankful! I’ve recommended ChildsPlay to so many more
Amy Snow
Amy S.
Danielle Russo, Mary Kate, Anne Abernathy, and Caroline Caldwell have all been so good to us!
Chaeli Lawson
Chaeli L.
Danielle and Maggie are absolutely amazing❤️ The kids look forward to EVERY session and have gained so much from being here. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!
Leslie Elaine
Leslie E.
We absolutely love working with Ms. Andrea. My child looks forward to seeing her every week 🥰
Jennifer Knight
Jennifer K.
We love Jesse G! She’s the best speech therapist in Birmingham!
Andrew Lafferty
Andrew L.
We have had such a wonderful experience with multiple therapists. Savannah, Caroline and Danielle have all been phenomenal! We highly recommend Child's Play.
Mary Healey
Mary H.
Maggie Monroe is talented and compassionate with our Leyah!
Francis Hixon
Francis H.
Kim is great!!!!! I can definitely hear the improvement in my daughter's speech.
Jaquice Boyd
Jaquice B.
My daughter looks forward to therapy every week because of Ms. Shaleese. Ms. Shaleese explains skills thoroughly and allows plenty of time for parent input.
Courtney Walker
Courtney W.
Taylor Tidmore is very great and patient during my son session . He actually looks forward for his day with Mrs. Taylor!!
Synquettia Jones
Synquettia J.
Andrea Reed is amazing! She’s always so kind and patient. My son looks forward to his visits and always feels seen and heard with his therapist, Andrea Reed. Child’s Play is the best!
Ashley Morrow
Ashley M.
We have had such a great experience with occupational therapy for both of our daughters!! Our therapists Teresa W and Jessica V have been such a good fit for each child and have helped them both progress in their goals! Miss Jenny is always so kind... and helpful with our schedule!read more
Keri Stuart
Keri S.
The staff is incredible. And we’ve worked with a number of them!Before my child had a consistent spot, we rotated through different therapists, and we loved them all! When we settled into a routine with Mary Kate Galloway, we started to see marked... improvements. She was so helpful to us in understanding our child’s needs and navigating his educational struggles.When she went on maternity leave, we worried that transition might be hard in our child. Instead, he gelled with Denise Dixon immediately, and his work with her has been amazing as well! We just got a report from school that blew me away. How has my child made so much progress??These folks are the real deal. Not judgy. Super practical. Absolute wizards with kids.Once I saw my child starting to have a meltdown as we were about to leave. Y’all. I had to take notes. It was amazing to watch Denise execute the strategies we’d been talking about. So many lightbulb moments (ohhhh so THAT’S how you avoid a power struggle while still setting a boundary!).Love these folks. So skilled. So dang more
Caitlin Harper
Caitlin H.
Caroline Favot is the best! We love her!
Carrie Pentecost
Carrie P.
We love Ms Kim. She is so patient and understanding—and fun! Ms Mary is always so positive and a joy to be around!
Katie Stipes
Katie S.
We love, love, love it here! My son loves his OT (Jessica Powell) and has such a blast every week!
Moira Butler
Moira B.
Michaella has been amazing for our son. The care & effort she puts into each session with him is so appreciated. He will definitely be better positioned to manage the challenges/opportunities that will pop up throughout his life. Thank you Michaella... & Child’s Play!read more
John Adams
John A.
I truly cannot say enough good things about Child's Play. Both of my children have seen different therapists here, and both are FANTASTIC.My son had issues with nursing after about two months and was struggling to gain weight. I was referred to... Jessi for infant feeding therapy, and the impact she has made on our family is incredible. My son went from almost having to have a NG tube placed due to falling in the weight percentile chart each week and having a huge aversion to nursing to now gaining so well, rising on the weight percentile chart, and is all around a happier baby. She helped pinpoint exactly where he was having trouble with nursing and what was causing him to be averse and went over different positions for holding him, positioning me, using pillows, literally ALL the things. She had so many helpful tips and tricks to make it easier! My son ended up being a very lazy nurser, just like my daughter was, so we transitioned to bottles. My help from Jessi didn't stop there- we worked through what type bottles and nipple flow worked best for him to help him take more milk more efficiently and comfortably as well as reduce his blisters on his mouth. She found a suspected tongue tie and made suggestions there, and sure enough, we got that addressed, and it made a huge difference! Overall, Jessi was a miracle worker for my son and I, and I can't thank her enough! I would have stopped nursing so much sooner if it hadn't been for her, so I'm eternally grateful to her for helping me keep my nursing journey going as long as I chose!On to my daughter- we saw Savannah for physical therapy due to my daughter struggling with core strength, toe walking, and stability. Savannah made it SO fun for her every session while addressing her weaknesses. My daughter didn't even realize she was having to work on things because Savannah just made it seem like they were playing. She was able to build trust with my daughter SO quickly and is so personable and kind. She pinpointed my daughter's physical weaknesses quickly and addressed them efficiently. She was wonderful at explaining what she was working on with her to me so that I could carry it over at home as well. I'm so grateful to both of these wonderful therapists for all they have done for my kids! I'm one happy mama!read more
Chelsea Morton
Chelsea M.
Our family has had a wonderful experience at Childs Play. We specifically used OT for our 12 year old. The weekly OT plan was well thought out and targeted our specific concerns. Highly recommend.
Corrie Merchant
Corrie M.
We had a great experience in physical therapy with Savannah. She gave us information and tools we needed to help our son strengthen and learn to use various muscles. We began to see results very quickly; within the first month he was crawling well... on his own and showed improvement with transitions. Within four months, he met all of his goals and was walking independently. It was a great experience watching him learn what his body was capable of doing and building the confidence to do it on his own. The staff was always very kind and helpful!read more
Miranda McClanahan
Miranda M.
We love Child’s Play! Our speech therapist, Allyson Pasternack, is amazing. These past two years my son was in a season of life where he needed counseling about his stuttering as much as practice using certain strategies to get through a stutter. I... wanted him to be comfortable talking about his stutter and to understand that this is just something that is a part of who he is, to accept it and move on with being the person that God wants him to be. Mrs. Pasternack helped tremendously with this effort and I have seen my son’s confidence level rise over the last two years. He’s doing great and I feel like we armed him with the best tools for success by taking him to Child’s Play. Thank you!!read more
Katy Sexton
Katy S.
My family has had such a wonderful experience at this facility. The front office coordinators are always friendly and helpful. The therapists (specifically Shelley Zepp) are knowledgeable and great with kids. We have seen a lot of improvement in my... child’s speech and language skills. Additionally, he loves going because Shelley makes the appointments so fun for him!read more
Hannah Cox
Hannah C.

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