Lactation and Infant Feeding

Child’sPlay Therapy Center is now offering breastfeeding and bottle feeding services.  

Our Certified Lactation Counselors hold advanced degrees in Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology. They have dedicated many years towards developing expertise and becoming certified in many different areas of infant development, including feeding. Our feeding therapists specialize in a holistic understanding of your baby’s sensory and motor skills, co-regulation, ideal positioning, and the structure and functions of the mouth that are vital to a successful infant feeding journey. We are here to support you! Please call us today to see how our team can help you feel confident and develop efficient feeders.

Lactation and Infant Feeding Services

Prenatal Breastfeeding

Feel confident and equipped as you welcome your new baby home. Join us for a 1:1 or small group prenatal class covering:  

  • Breastfeeding Basics  
  • Positioning  
  • Latching
  • Preventing or troubleshooting common issues  

Evaluation and Treatment


We would love to support you in achieving your goals throughout your breastfeeding journey. 


Let us support you in finding the right bottle for your baby, identifying feeding cues, and achieving an effective latch. 

Combination Feeding

We are here to help you find the right balance between breast and bottle feeding that meets your family’s needs. 

Transition to Solids 

Transition to Straw or Open Cups

When To Call?  

  • Any pain during breastfeeding  
  • Milk supply concerns  
  • Latch concerns  
  • Underweight
  • Whenever you feel that your family needs extra support for your new baby