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Child’sPlay Therapy Center in North Hunstville

ChildsPlay Therapy Center

Our Administrative Staff

Meet the friendly and dedicated people that are an essential part of Child’sPlay Therapy Center in Huntsville. Our administrators are committed to providing exceptional support and are equally as compassionate in helping your child excel.

ChildsPlay Therapy Center

Our Therapists

Get to know our team of dedicated North Huntsville therapists. These gifted clinicians are focused on creating an environment that is patient-centered, family-focused, and fun for your child. Our goal is for your child to build confidence while improving skills.

physical therapy

Physical Therapy

The role of a physical therapist is to evaluate and provide treatment for delays in motor skills through strength and range of motor exercises. Our team of pediatric therapists provide child-friendly, play-based techniques to help make mobile activities easier for children.

speech therapy

Speech Therapy

For children with developmental delays, communication challenges, and social articulation, our team of North Huntsville pediatric speech therapists apply the latest techniques to build their language skills and self-esteem.

occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy uses purposeful activity to maximize independence of a child who is limited in development or cognitive areas. Each North Huntsville pediatric therapist applies individualized treatments to help children do everyday things with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

What Parents Are Saying

We truly love Child’s Play! We’ve encountered majority of the therapists and they are all fantastic!! BONNIE & MICHAEL have been great with providing care for my little! I’ve seen a lot of improvement regarding speech & occupational therapy. All of... my girls get super excited when they see them because they’re truly caring & lovable. I highly recommend this place regardless of the therapist! The front desk staff is a winner as well! I also highly enjoy how they are sibling friendly while we’re waiting for a session to end. They have a little play area & more
Natalie Curier
Natalie C.
My son started therapy about a month ago, and our experience has been outstanding! Sam was thorough during the evaluation, and she explained goals and expectations very well . Mary Jane has been wonderful as well, with her gentle approach, and she... also gives thorough evaluations at the end of every visit. The front staff is always kind and friendly. We had issues with my insurance at first, but Trinity was always so patient and understanding with me as we figured it out. I can't say enough good things about Child's Play. Highly more
Sharon Campbell
Sharon C.
The service that has been provided by Ms. Mary Jane have been exceptional! My daughter Maiz looks forward every week to coming here now, where before it was quite a chore to get her to come.The work that she has been doing with my daughter has... been showing in day to day activities. We would highly recommend more
John Navan
John N.
Heather Carlton was amazing and patient with my son who was nervous. Very happy with our first session!
Courtney McCool
Courtney M.
My son goes to child’s play therapy for speech and OT. I love my experience from the front desk to the therapy he receives. Sam is the best. She is caring, patient, and knowledgeable in areas of techniques for my son. My sons asks everyday to go to... OT! I am thankful for the care and attention Sam gives to my son at Child’s Play!read more
Shanna Smith-Averette
Shanna S.
We love Childs Play! My son recently start Speech and OT here and they have been nothing but helpful and kind with our transition into a new clinical setting. The staff is so friendly especially Shana who has followed up with us and has made sure... all of our paperwork is in order. Miss Bonnie I'd my son's speech therapist and she has been so sweet and kind towards my son. He looks forward to therapy every more
Sarah Burchette
Sarah B.
My daughter had an amazing time here! She grew so much! we love her speech therapist Ms. Catherine and Ms. Bonnie. They were both God sent and so loving, caring and kind to both my children. We appreciate this center so much for giving us the tools... to better our child’s speech! Thank you!read more
Brandy Wright
Brandy W.
Child’s Play has been life changing for everyone in our family! My daughter has seen Ms. Chandon for 2.5 years for OT. She has also worked with Mrs. Lacey and Mrs. Kathryn for speech. My son has been with Ms. Bonnie for speech.Needless to say, we... have had a lot of experience with many of the therapists here, and we have never been disappointed.I am a dyslexia therapist in the area, and I always recommend my students come here for an evaluation. It’s amazing what these therapists can accomplish!read more
Kathleen Lavallee
Kathleen L.
We’ve had the best experience at Child’s Play Therapy Center in Huntsville. Our 3 year old started going to OT & Speech for feeding therapy when he was 2 years old. He was 100% G-tube fed, and a year later eats all meals by mouth. We are so grateful... for the wonderful ladies who have worked with him and our family! The therapists are patient, personal, knowledgeable, and creative! We highly recommend Child’s Play!!read more
Kristen Gattis
Kristen G.
Ms Jane Levine is so sweet and great with our daughter’s physical therapy needs. Everyone we’ve met at Child’s Play is so genuinely sweet!
Michelle King
Michelle K.
We love Mrs. Alia! She has been so patient with my child and we are seeing improvement each time she sees her for speech.
Kellen Mitchell
Kellen M.
Maryjane was fantastic. She worked with my son and she is fabulous !!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Alia was patient and sweet! Would definitely recommend!!!
Sharetta Keith
Sharetta K.
Alia always keep a smile on my baby’s face. He asks for her all week and knows he’ll get to hang with Alia every Friday. And let’s not forget Alisha. She is the most awesomely awesome in every way. Thanks for helping me rework Jeremiah’s schedule so... he doesn’t miss a beat. Hopefully you get a Trenta from more
Alias J Tene Cade
Alias J Tene C.
Swayze at the front desk and our OT, Lauren were absolutely wonderful for making us feel comfortable and welcome at our first appointment. I feel very optimistic and comfortable having them care for my child.
Sarah Fields
Sarah F.
My son has attended Child's Play Therapy for a year and half now. We have been very happy with the therapy he has recieved from his OT Lauren Goodson. She is very knowledgeable and, great with our son. He has made a lot of progress. He will be... graduating soon and I can't say enough great things about the Child's Play staff! We will miss you guys when our child has completed his goals. Thank you for all you more
Hannah Salvador
Hannah S.
Child’s Play has been so incredibly helpful to me and my children. My daughter saw Katharyn for a year before starting preschool, and I felt so much more comfortable with her starting school after having worked with her. She made my daughter enjoy... coming for therapy, and her progress with speech was excellent. It felt like she was visiting a friend weekly. We’ve returned for the summer before kindergarten, and Bonnie is helping with her this time. Swayze and Andrea are so helpful and kind, and I’ve just really appreciated the professionalism yet kindness we receive whenever we are more
Sarah Willis
Sarah W.
We feel so lucky to have Chandon as my daughters OT. She's been great!!
Sara Prewitt
Sara P.
Our OT, Lauren, goes above and beyond to service our son! She is hard working, compassionate, and willing to try new things to better reach our son! Thank you so much, Lauren!
Kevin Harrington
Kevin H.
Ashley is an incredible Occupational Therapist! My daughter has such a special bond with her and she has grown by leaps and bounds with Occupational Therapy! I would recommend ChildsPlay Therapy for your little one.
Andrea Copsy
Andrea C.
Had my daughter’s initial visit and I must say I am so glad we came here! Professional and friendly! One of the big things for me is having a place where I’m able to bring all 3 kids with me. The staff was very supportive! Excited for the journey... here!read more
Natalie Thomas
Natalie T.
I have had 2 children receive speech therapy services at this facility. The therapist are always thoughtful and thorough with their assessments and recommendations for continued progress at home. Both of my children received such incredible care... that they are now doing exceedingly better with more
Monica Griffin
Monica G.
I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH WONDERFUL THINGS ABOUT THIS PLACE & LITERALLY EVERYONE THERE!!!! Swayze, Alisha, Parker, Katie, Ashley, Schneider, & Erin are just absolutely incredible!!! We are so very grateful to each of them & always will be:)
Sarah Jane Guarin
Sarah Jane G.
We love Mrs. Hollye at Child’s Play! She has always worked so hard to make gains with my child. We appreciate her so much!
Laura Doss
Laura D.
I love this Therapy Center. We bounced around couple of places, before we were referred to them. Everyone has been wonderful. I've never had a bad experience. Alisha, Swayze, and Parker have always been so nice when we check in or have questions.... Katie helped us get onboard at the beginning, and it was so easy to get set up.We see Kathryn for Speech, and she has been so wonderful. She ranks as one of my son's most favorite people. He tells everyone at school about her, and is excited to go to therapy. She does such a fantastic job of coaxing him into the work through play, that he genuinely enjoys himself.I've had the opportunity to see a couple of the other Speech therapists, as well, once or twice. It's always been a positive experience. Everyone that we've met has been so great. Each therapist has their own persepective, personality, and approach, but my son has been receptive with everyone he's worked more
Amanda Wills
Amanda W.
Kathryn and Carli have helped my boy with speech from being nonverbal to communicating with sign and some words! They speak to him on a level that clicks!
Parker Hall
Parker H.
Alia is amazing. Jonathan has grown in self confidence and articulation. We couldn’t be happier with her hard work and dedication.
Allison Daily
Allison D.
The Childsplay staff is so friendly and helpful. We’ve met with all of their speech therapists and would be happy to have any of them assigned to my child. Swayze in the front office was so helpful with scheduling!
Sarah Callaway
Sarah C.
Today was our 1st visit and we saw Lacey, she was great and very personable and answered all the questions I had. My son loved her and didn't want to leave at the end of the evaluation
Samantha DuVall
Samantha D.
Ms. Chandon goes above and beyond to motivate and encourage my child. I appreciate her so much!
Melanie Smith
Melanie S.
My son receives OT from Chandon and Speech from Aliya both of these ladies are amazing! They make his sessions fun. Both are super patient with him. Also they always explain the WHY of what they are working on him with and go the extra mile to give... us ideas to do at more
Skylar Meyers
Skylar M.
Erin took over my son's therapy after his previous therapist left. He loves Erin. We've had such a great experience with Child's Play.
Chelsey Adams
Chelsey A.
Mrs. Hollye Dickey has been such a joy to work with. Our son has progressed tremendously!
Larry Powell
Larry P.
We absolutely adore Mrs. Taylor! She has helped Molly tremendously with her speech development and confidence! We are so thankful for CPTC!!
Melissa Flanagan
Melissa F.
My son loves Mrs. Aliea. She has helped improve his speech so much in the past 6 months.
Hailey Velez
Hailey V.
We have been seeing Kathryn Williams and Chandon Hines for speech and OT, respectively. They are both AMAZING!
David Lavallee
David L.
We have loved Child’s Play. We have been coming for 3 years! Taylor has done an amazing job as our speech therapist and Ashley has been an amazing OT!
Alden Sharpe
Alden S.
Love our experience with Ashley Cooper!
Nicole Kornegay
Nicole K.
We Love Ashley for OT! OT has been helping my son so much, he still has quite a way to go but we are making progress. His OT is so patient and kind even though he can definitely be a difficult child at times. We love child’s play therapy center!
Brittany Blankenship
Brittany B.
Alisha is such a great office staff member. She thought of emailing me school excuse, and that's the best thing ever- no lost papers! Her smile brightens our day.
Amanda von Herrmann
Amanda von H.
We absolutely love Childsplay and that is because of our wonderful OT Chandon. She’s pure magic with our kiddo. She sets realistic goals, meets the child where they are in every respect, knows how to challenge without overwhelming and provides... resources and information for parents and teachers to easily apply to help your child meet their OT goals. Seriously though, everyone at CP is wonderful. We couldn’t be happier to be receiving care more
Bess Desta
Bess D.
Lacey is great to work with 🙂
Katie Byrd
Katie B.
My daughter has been doing Occupational Therapy since July. Our weekly sessions have truly been life changing not just for my daughter, but for our whole family.I did not go to the initial evaluation, but I will never forget the first words that... my husband said to me after the evaluation. He said, "Kathleen, they have names for all of the things you've been noticing." It was certainly a God moment that he went to the evaluation, because the evaluation alone opened his eyes to so many things.The first few weeks of therapy I was constantly saying, "Is this why......" I felt like our life was a box of puzzle pieces thrown all over the floor. However, during each week of therapy, the pieces began to come together, and everything started to make sense.Ms. Chandon is our therapist, and she is AMAZING! Going to therapy is the highlight of my daughter's week! Chandon has made tremendous progress with my daughter, and she has kept me in the loop every step of the way! I observe every session and takes notes, so that we can continue the exercises at home. Therapy isn't meant to be forever, but we don't want to break that news to my daughter yet. She will be heartbroken when we even start discussing that she is "graduating" from therapy!Everyone at Childsplay has been wonderful. I don't have a single negative thing to say. I am forever grateful for the help that my daughter has more
Kathleen Lavallee
Kathleen L.
Childsplay Therapy Center has been wonderful! We are new to the area and everyone from the administrative assistants to the therapists have been amazing. My son worked with Kathryn Williams for his speech therapy and it was one of the first solid... connections he made with someone since we moved. He just fell in love with her. She is outgoing, enthusiastic, patient and genuinely cares. My son is excited to go to therapy every week. I could not have found a better place!read more
Angie Wright
Angie W.
My daughter went to speech therapy at Child’s Play for almost three years. The experience we had was absolutely phenomenal. The front desk staff were very helpful and accommodating when I needed assistance. We couldn’t have asked for a better... therapist (Laura Cole). She was incredibly patient and kind with my daughter. Laura knew exactly how to help her with her needs and always went above and beyond. Especially during these difficult times of Covid and managing everything, she was always cheerful and excited to see our daughter. We will forever be grateful to her and would highly recommend Child’s Play for anyone needing extra care!read more
Erin Campbell
Erin C.
My son began speech and OT therapy services with Ms. Taylor and Ms. Ellisa in early 2020. The therapy center was well organized, and the staff clearly communicated appointment times, billing information, and COVID protocols. Ms. Taylor and Ms.... Ellisa went above and beyond to deliver therapy services during a pandemic. They were always available to explain each session and answer any questions. They responded quickly to any concerns we had, and were always working to come up with creative ways for our son to learn. They also encouraged and informed us as we walked through our first public school IEP process. I would highly recommend these more
Anna Tyson
Anna T.
We love coming to therapy with Ellisa Baker! My son looks forward to his sessions and it is helping him on so many levels! The clinic is also clean, inviting and full of fun things to do and learn from. Highly recommend it for little ones needing... therapy!read more
Sissa Islands
Sissa I.

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