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I first wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of your wonderful staff at Child’s Play and how amazing Lacey Ellis was with my 4 year old little girl. I  was told by the Orthopedic doctor last July that my baby girl would need surgery to correct her toe walking. I was referred to you guys by Susan Jones to get a second opinion/option other than surgery.  I came into the appointment scared to death that we would have to go through a long grueling process.  Lacey was so calming and took her time to work with my little girl. The first appointment she told us surgery was too much and not needed. After months of therapy, she was released and no longer a toe walker!!!!! I cannot thank your staff enough!


Child’sPlay has made a huge difference in our life. I can’t say enough positive things about them. My little boy, age 4, has ADHD. It is amazing to see the difference in him since we began the Focal Point program! Child’sPlay has been a true blessing to us. Thank you very much!


We have had the BEST experience with Child’sPlay Therapy Center. My daughter has Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD, and our therapist has made a huge difference in her life and our lives. I will absolutely recommend them to any and all. I drive from Montgomery every week and would do it for the rest of our lives if I had to. GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!!!


To say we are thankful for our speech pathologist at Child’sPlay Therapy Center in Hoover is a huge understatement. Both of my boys, ages 7 and 6, who saw her for speech therapy, not only enjoyed every single session, but learned so much in such a short amount of time. It is obvious she enjoys her work, loves her students, and has a gift for connecting with them to get the most benefit from each session. My boys truly felt like she was interested in them as people, not just in their speech. In addition, she spent a few minutes with me at the end of each session giving me a detailed description of the types of methods/activities she used and how my children responded to them, listening to me carefully (never dismissing what I was saying), and giving a mini-lesson to me on how to continue specific methods at home. I learned a great deal from her about speech therapy. She is truly THE BEST! (Seriously, it’s not even close.)

With that said, I have to point out that while sitting in the waiting room each week, I noticed all of the therapists at Child’s Play appear to be the same with their students and parents. It is a warm, inviting atmosphere that kids pick up on immediately. I chose to sit in the waiting room each week, but did have the option of going back to watch or even viewing the session on a tablet from the waiting room. The office staff was extremely friendly, as were other parents and children in the waiting room. I whole-heartedly recommend Child’sPlay Therapy. You won’t be disappointed!


I cannot say enough great things about our experience at Child’s Play. We have been taking our son there for about 4 months now, and have seen tremendous improvement in him. He receives Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Both of our therapists show a genuine concern for my child. I do not feel like we are just another number at Child’sPlay. My son matters and my concerns matter. Thank you just doesn’t say enough! Keep up the great work!!!


The entire staff at Child’sPlay Therapy Center are caring people who genuinely want the best for all of the children they see. The facility is amazing and definitely designed for kids with bright colors and fun all around.


Child’sPlay Therapy is wonderful! They really care for each one of their patients and it shows! Our speech therapist really goes above and beyond to make the kids and adults feel comfortable. She has taught my son so much in such a little time it amazes me and all our family and friends see such a change in his speech…You can tell she truly loves her job and my son loves going to see her each week. I have no doubt that his speech will be up to speed when he starts kindergarten thanks to Child’sPlay!


Child’sPlay Therapy Center has been a wonderful fit for our 5 year old son. He has been going there for Occupational Therapy due to handwriting concerns for several months, and we have seen such a huge improvement. The Handwriting Without Tears program is fantastic.  Our son looks forward to seeing is Occupational Therapist every week! I would highly recommend Child’sPlay to anyone.


My daughter has been going to Child’sPlay for months and has made leaps and bounds in her speech! Her confidence level has soared through the roof because of CPTC, she is a little chatter box now!! She loves her therapist who relates to her love of Disney Princesses in her therapy! I’ve been very pleased with CPTC, friendly office staff and therapists, they are conveniently located in Hoover, wifi available so I can sit and work while M is in therapy – I have the option of going back with her but she loves going back by herself! Highly, highly recommend CPTC!!


I have used Child’s Play Therapy Center for about 8 years. My oldest son started with handwriting/occupational therapy. The “handwriting without tears” program was a perfect fit for him! There really were no tears! We went back a few years …MoreI have used Child’sPlay Therapy Center for about 8 years. My oldest son started with handwriting/Occupational Therapy. The “Handwriting Without Tears” program was a perfect fit for him! There really were no tears! We went back a few years later to help master cursive writing. Again, the program was excellent and my son did very well. Then, I found out about ILS, Integrated Listening Systems. This was a game changer for my son, who has ADD (attention deficit disorder). It is a fascinating program! It helps bombard all the sensory systems all at once and helps with focus, balance, among a ton of other things. His concentration was better which helped him with his homework. I have enjoyed going to Child’sPlay Therapy Center all these years. They are very professional, friendly, and have the best programs for children. Our therapist has been a life saver for us! She has helped build self-esteem and confidence while teaching these methods to my son. I have seen kids cry because it was time to go home!

My son has been in Occupational Therapy at Child’sPlay for over a year. We appreciate the knowledge and professionalism of the staff and have seen improvements in his writing skills and fine motor skills in the period. We also appreciate the fact that our therapist will travel to my son’s school for the therapy. Highly recommended.


My son (age 6 at time of therapy) completed 30 sessions of Focal Point therapy over a three month period and it was worth every minute and dollar spent. Before Focal Point my son struggled with school even while on ADHD medication. The medication helped but it was still a daily battle whether he was going to have a good day or not. At his initial assessment he started out with Focal Point in the lowest category possible for his age. I was initially somewhat skeptical of the program but loved the therapists and wanted to give him any chance he could because he needed help in order to cope day to day with his focus and social issues. After just a few sessions we started to see a difference in our son and this only continued to improve as the sessions went on. He ended the program in the highest category possible for his age range and his results have continued since completing the program. He no longer has bad days at school or daily behavior reports sent home. His last report card stated that he is a hard worker, good listener and follows directions very well. I could not even have dreamed of a report from school like this last year prior to the Focal Point therapy. Our son continues to take ADHD medication as well but I know for a fact that what Focal Point Therapy gave him was valuable and life changing, and we will forever be grateful for his wonderful therapists and staff that got him to where he is today.


We have been going to Child’sPlay for about 6 months now for both Occupational and Physical Therapy. I love how caring and personal the therapists are. My son was 6 months old when we started and both of our therapists took the time to get to know us and our story before coming up with a treatment plan. There is no cookie cutter therapy going on there. Each child is an individual and my son’s therapy has changed over and over as he has grown and reached goals. I love to see that they are genuinely happy to see him each week and greet him with a hug. This goes for the office staff as well. Everyone there speaks to us like we’re family and goes out of their way to help. I’m so thankful to have found them!


We used Child’sPlay Therapy Center last year for our son in preschool. They were able to work with him during his school day once a week. This worked out very well for our schedule and for him to feel comfortable as well. Together, we set our goals for his progress and he was able to reach those goals before the end of the school year. They were very easy to work with and even provide opportunities for missed classes due to school closings or holidays. The communication after each session was very helpful. We knew what to continue to work on before his next session. I would definitely recommend their services!


Child’sPlay has been great in helping our daughter. Her therapist has been kind, warm, friendly and encouraging. They provide quality care and compassion for each child. They have also been helpful in teaching us exercises we can do at home to help aide our child with her challenges. We are grateful for Child’sPlay Therapy Center.


We have been going to Child’sPlay Therapy Center coming up on a year now. The office staff is always friendly and helpful, everyone there is! We homeschool, so my other 3 children and I wait during her appointments, the staff is so patient with us and kind.


When we first started we didn’t have much information on what exactly was going on with my daughter and what her needs were. The initial evaluation was very thorough and offered a lot of insight and direction. Her therapist was able to really help us understand our daughter’s needs.


My daughter is seen for Occupational Therapy. Her therapist is amazing! She has really helped my daughter grow and develop, closing the gap in her delays. She has been very supportive of our daughter and our family as a whole. Her therapist is always willing to listen and offer advice and ideas to help further my daughter’s progress. When her therapist was going to be gone for a while, she was so great at making the change go smoothly and making sure my daughter was comfortable and ready to work with the new therapist. Our experience with the second therapist has been just as wonderful. They are so impressive not only with their knowledge and skills but with their compassion. They care and it shows!

My daughter looks forward to her therapy and has learned the days of the week so she can count down to her next appointment :-). Child’sPlay Therapy Center has helped our daughter and us in innumerable ways and we are very grateful for their continued support and care in our daughter.


Before my son started taking Speech Therapy you could barely understand what he was saying, but since taking speech he was learned the correct way to use his tongue and mouth to make all the letter sounds correctly. He learns something new every week and he loves showing his therapist. She makes working into playing which he loves, and he doesn’t realize he is learning. I didn’t know it was an issue that he couldn’t talk well I thought it was just being a 5 year old, but after they evaluated him I knew we had to get speech therapy for him. It is really awesome how they teach him, and how well he takes to it. He really sounds like a grown up now and you can understand every word. Thanks Child’sPlay!  We love you.


We have had a great experience with Child’sPlay Therapy Center. His Therapist is very kind, gentle and warm. My son loves to spend time with her. He doesn’t see his therapy as work, it really is fun for him. He keeps improving with each visit. They come right to his school and meet with him. It couldn’t be an easier to work with them. I highly recommend this company.


I cannot say enough nice things about my son’s therapist. We worked with a speech therapist right after my son turned 3. His speech development was below 18 months. After working with her for a year, he was up to 3.5 years. We stopped therapy (my choice) for a year because his preschool was going to work with him. I called Child’sPlay this past summer and he was re-tested at just over a 3 year old. He had zero growth in an entire year. Since this summer, he has grown another 6 months with his articulation.


The manager is always very kind and helpful. My son LOVES his therapist more than his teachers, and we’ve always had a wonderful relationship. I cannot thank the staff at Child’sPlay enough for helping my son re-learn how to clearly/effectively communicate. We still have a ways to go but he is learning, loving, and having fun while developing his speech skills.


My son has been receiving services from Child’sPlay for just over a year now and we love it. The staff is friendly and caring and my son has come leaps and bounds in his communication and behavior. Thanks, Child’sPlay!


We have just started Occupational and Physical Therapy for my seven year old daughter. Our daughter likes both of her therapists a lot. They both are sweet ladies and great with children. The office staff has been super sweet too.


I cannot say enough great things about the staff and services offered at Child’sPlay Therapy Center. My son has a slight stutter and needed the help of a speech therapist to learn the tools to help him speak fluently. I am immeasurably grateful for our therapist!  She really knows her stuff and my son LOVES her!