Focal Point (ADD/ADHD treatment)

Focal Point

Focal Point is a program developed by Child’sPlay Therapy Center to specifically target improved processing and attentional skills for clients with ADD or ADHD.

Focal Point provides clinical ADHD expertise combined with current evidence based programs and technologies of Interactive Metronome and Integrated Listening to develop the neuromotor pathways in the brain.

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Children participating in these programs have been found to achieve the following results:

·         Improved attention, less distractible

·         Better academic performance

·         Improved motor coordination

·         Improved short term memory

·         Faster processing speeds

·         More organized, ability to plan and carry out a plan

·         Increased self esteem

Focal Point is a unique program with individually adjusted tracks tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Consultative services involve parent education on topics pertaining to ADD/ADHD management, such as nutrition, screen time, and behavioral strategies.

Focal Point is appropriate for clients with a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, or clients for whom attention deficits impact daily functioning.

Do you know an adult who could benefit from Focal Point?  We can offer adult services as well.

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Focal Point Testimonial:


My little boy has ADHD. It is amazing to see the difference in him since we began the Focal Point program! Child’sPlay has been a true blessing to us. My son (age 6 at time of therapy) completed 30 sessions of Focal Point therapy over a three month period and it was worth every minute and dollar spent. Before Focal Point my son struggled with school even while on ADHD medication. The medication helped but it was still a daily battle whether he was going to have a good day or not. At his initial assessment he started out with Focal Point in the lowest category possible for his age. I was initially somewhat skeptical of the program but loved the therapists and wanted to give him any chance he could because he needed help in order to cope day to day with his focus and social issues.

After just a few sessions we started to see a difference in our son and this only continued to improve as the sessions went on. He ended the program in the highest category possible for his age range and his results have continued since completing the program. He no longer has bad days at school or daily behavior reports sent home. His last report card stated that he is a hard worker, good listener and follows directions very well. I could not even have dreamed of a report from school like this last year prior to the Focal Point therapy. Our son continues to take ADHD medication as well but I know for a fact that what Focal Point Therapy gave him was valuable and life changing, and we will forever be grateful for his wonderful therapists and staff that got him to where he is today.