Integrated ListeningIntegrated Listening (iLs) is one of our new services offered at Child’sPlay Therapy Center.  Children who would benefit from iLs include those who struggle with concentration/attention, reading, auditory processing, sensory regulation, and motor coordination.  Integrated listening is based on the science that our brains are “neuroplastic”, or able to learn and change throughout life.  In other words, you can teach an old dog new tricks!  The key to that is keeping the brain active and learning throughout life.  When a child participates in integrated listening, their brain is actively engaged through auditory, visual, cognitive, and motor input all at the same time.  When all of these areas of the brain are stimulated at once, motor pathways are opened and refined.

We have found that iLs accelerates the therapy process and children reach their goals faster than traditional therapy without iLs.  While iLs is not a substitute for medication for children with ADD/ADHD, it does offer an alternative that may help some children focus without stimulant medications.  For other children, it can be used as a supplement to medication with improved results.  Children with reading disorders often improve 1-2 grade levels in their reading skills.  For children with autism, the results are often improved ability to regulate their behaviors and improved sensory processing.

You may be wondering if iLs can also help adults.  The answer is YES!  Adults using iLs can improve their ability to multi-task, sharpen their focus, improve sleep patterns, and improve overall productivity.

You can get more information about iLs at  If you are interested in iLs, or any of our services, please visit our webpage, or call our office at 205-978-9939.  iLs is available in our Birmingham or Huntsville offices.  If you are interested in iLs for an adult, please ask for Kerri Bailey who provides services to adults.