An occupational therapist works with people of all ages. The delivery of OT services varies based on the age and needs of the client. The term “occupational” refers to “the job of living”.  An occupation for a child could be playing, drawing and self- help skills. The occupation for an adult might be caring for children, cooking, cleaning as well as an employment occupation.  An occupational therapist works on the activity necessary to perform these “life skills”. These might include strength, coordination and balance.  Most OT’s specialize in a specific age range or in a specific area.

Here at Child’s Play Therapy Center our specialty is children!

Sooo………in celebration of OT month, you might want to thank an OT for:

  • Helping your child dress him/herself
  • Helping your child learn to use a utensil like a fork or spoon
  • Helping your child eat a variety of food textures
  • Helping your child learn to tie a shoelace
  • Teaching your child how to hug you
  • Teaching your child to climb, swing and jump
  • Teaching your child to throw and catch a ball
  • Helping your child learn to hold a crayon
  • Teaching your child to draw a picture
  • Teaching your child to clap
  • Teaching your child to complete a puzzle
  • Helping your child learn how not to over-respond
  • Helping your child learn to wait his/her turn
  • Just listening, because she cares