Hi Everyone! If you are like me, the first week of tracking your screen time came with some reality shocks. Take a deep breath; it’s going to be fine.

This week’s challenge is to pick two times that you intentionally do not have screens. For example: time in the car, meal time, eating out, during a child’s sporting event, etc.

For me: I realized this week that I check my phone way too often, and often find myself sucked into social media.  I’m choosing to:

  1. Have no screens in the car for me or my children (I’m bad about being on my phone when I’m a passenger instead of being present with everyone in the car).
  2. Commit to putting my phone in a certain spot when I get home from work instead of carrying it around all night. I constantly “check” my phone instead of looking at it only when it rings or sends a text/email notification.

What about you? What are the two areas for you and your family that you want to focus on this week? Tag us and let us know how your challenge is going!  #CPTCNoScreenNov

Rachel Ashcraft, OTR/L