Orton-GillinghamDoes your child struggle to read?  Does he confuse letters and sounds or seem to know them one day and forget them the next?  While learning to read and write comes naturally to many children, some need specific, direct instruction in order to gain these skills.  This instruction can be provided as a supplement to the teaching strategies used in your child’s school.

Child’sPlay Therapy Center is now offering language and reading instruction based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach.   This approach to teaching literacy was initially developed for dyslexic children but has been found to be beneficial for all learners.  The lessons directly teach the basic structure of the English language, beginning with simple letter/sound relationships and progressing to more complex concepts in our language.  Based on current research, the program is highly structured and systematic, and it utilizes multi-sensory input to capitalize on learning.  Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic pathways are utilized throughout each session to directly teach phonetic rules and word attack strategies.  Speech-language pathologists at Child’sPlay Therapy Center who have been Orton-Gillingham trained are available to meet the needs of students who experience difficulty acquiring skills in reading and writing.