Christmas seamless pattern with gift“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..”! Oh my! It’s already that time again. Time to start doing your Christmas shopping! The Child’sPlay therapists have compiled a list of our favorite toys to facilitate child development! Remember, limit toys that do the talking or action for your child! The less the toys do, the more the child will have to do! Children need less time with electronics and more time with hands on manipulative toys to develop appropriate motor, language, and social skills. So take our list with you and Merry Christmas!


Toys for Fine Motor skill development:

Light Brite**

Pick up Sticks

Legos (age appropriate size)

Bead stringing kits/lacing activities**

Craft kits

Pop Beads**

Paint/color by number

Finger puppets

Play-doh with cutters, plastic knives, rolling pin, etc.

Magna Doodle

Puzzles/shape sorters


Magnetic activities**

Stamp kits with ink pads

Easels for drawing/painting

Operation game**

Hi-Ho Cherry-O**

Perfection game**


Wind up toys

Card games

Toys for Speech/Language Development:



“Little People” toy sets

Farm sets


Kitchen/tea sets


Cars/racing ramps/tracks


Chutes and Ladders

Mr. Potato Head



Scrabble Jr./Scrabble




Guess Who

Toys to encourage gross motor development:

Infant “arches” that encourage baby to reach up and grab items

Toy shopping cart

Toy vacuum

Wagons to put toys in and push/pull

Soccer balls

Riding toys

Balance bikes (preferable to training wheels)

Kitchen sets (encourage standing/pulling up)

Sidewalk chalk for hopscotch!

Jump ropes

**These items contain small parts and are for older children only. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended age minimums when purchasing toys!