Preparing children to return to school after a fun-filled summer is not always an easy task. The transition back to school can be really tough on kids and their families. For many kids this year, returning to school will mean going back for the first time since the pandemic began. Beginning a new school year can be intimidating, especially if students have not been in a school building with a full classroom in a long time. Help facilitate a smooth and gentle transition for your child using these helpful tips:

  • Keep the summer fun and plan at least one activity for the first week of school.
  • Listen to and stay positive about any stress or anxiety your child is expressing.
  • Make the schedule available to your child and consistent as much as possible. Your child will be exhausted after a full school day, especially during the first couple of weeks. Try not to make extra appointments for the first couple of weeks of school, so your child can relax after school and readjust to the daily routine and increase in demands
  • Work with your child as much as possible, especially at the beginning of a new school year. This will allow you to set up school-day routines gradually instead of all at once in order to find what works best for your child.
  • Emphasize the importance of breakfast. Eating before school will give kids energy to start their day on the best note.
  • Relax yourself! Beginning a new school year can be stressful for parents too! Kick off your shoes and relax because you adapted and conquered the unprecedented past year and a half!

If your child is having trouble with attention, transitions, daily routines, or new expectations taking place at school such as handwriting, following directions, or self-regulation, we are here to help! Call our Hoover, Chelsea, or Huntsville offices today to inquire about our occupational therapy services!