Stocking Stuffer Ideas to Increase Fine Motor Skills

Stocking Stuffer Ideas to Increase Fine Motor Skills Does your child have difficulty with handwriting at school, buttoning pants, tying shoes, opening containers, or zipping their jacket? Many children have trouble with these tasks and require assistance. When children have trouble with these tasks it can be an indicator of underdeveloped fine motor skills. With […]

One-Up Rule

As parents, you are the model for your child’s language. All parents stay busy, but each day is filled with opportunities to teach language skills to your child. Whether in the car, in the grocery store, or at home during daily routines, you have the best opportunity to show your child how to talk! There […]

Promoting Good Behavior

Children “act out” for many reasons and in many different ways. Often, the children we work with at Child’sPlay Therapy Center exhibit behaviors which are the result of their delay or disability.  For example, they may be frustrated by difficulty communicating, or they may be reacting to overstimulation due to a sensory processing disorder.  Other […]

Straw Cup vs. Sippy Cup

  Should I use a straw cup or a sippy cup? When it is time for your child to transition from a bottle to a cup, consider what will be best for the development of your child’s oral structure, oral motor strength and movement, and speech development.  The options that are available include various types […]

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month!

Many parents do not recognize the early signs of a critical health issue: communication disorders. Speech, language, and hearing disorders are among the most common disabilities in the United States. This month, during the national observance of Better Hearing and Speech Month, we encourage parents to take stock of their child’s communication health. Sometimes, problems […]

Is My Child Tongue-Tied?

Does your child have difficulty sticking out his/her tongue? Does your child have difficulty with certain speech sounds (those produced with the tongue tip or a retracted tongue such as /t, d, n, l, s, z, sh, r/), or is he/she unable to move the tongue for what seems like easy to execute movements (e.g […]